Ode de Kort: O froooom O toooo O

Ode de Kort - O froooom O toooo O - installation view

Exercise, play and repetition are central to the work of Ode de Kort (º1992). She investigates the relation between object, camera and subject by iteratively positioning materials in various constellations. By repeating these movements, some sort of choreography of subtle shifts in relationships develops, providing de Kort with a deeper understanding of the image – a kind of tactile knowledge.

The work of de Kort sits between photography and sculpture and could be seen as a philosophical investigation into the dynamics of stasis versus movement, surface versus space, object versus subject. In the exhibition O froooom O toooo O, previously on display at SpazioA (Pistoia, Italy), the circle is the point of departure for a game of spatial transformations and semantic echoes, in which the spectator is invited to look and look again and again...


Opening: 18.05.2017 19–21h
Antwerp Art Weekend: Fri 19.05.2017 12–21h, Sat 20 & Sun 21.05.2017: 12–18h
23.05–30.06.2017: Tue–Fri 10–18h


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