Kasper Andreasen: P / A / N / E / L / S

A panel is a space or a sequence of spaces. It may seem like a crop or a zoom-in of something larger. It isn’t photographic though. The panel is similar to a palette but it is done intentionally with an added degree of chance. These panels are surfaces that index gestures of drawing and painting by their compositions, their colours, their forms. Not all panels are saved in the process. A panel composes pencil drawing, blots, brushstrokes, marker tests, stamped forms, which lead to compositions and motifs. They often refer to an abstract composition or a printed surface. Or a landscape and an object. The panel is a process-based image-making instrument. I use the panels as a metaphor that lets me shift between drawing, painting, and writing. The images that result from this process can be read as citations of these. As such, every mark which constitutes these panels is part of their own collective history. Every panel is unique and has a number. Some of them lead to titles, others are continuously overpainted, and some are thrown away.

Kasper Andreasen (2016)


Kasper Andreasen - Panel 011

Kasper Andreasen - P/A/N/E/L/S

Tue–Fri 10am–6pm or by appointment


Panache Towers
Frankrijklei 73
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Panache Towers

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